• Ch12. Merge Conflicts
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    What is a merge conflict?

    Git은 Merge를 할 때, Longest Common Subsequence(LCS)를 사용한다.

    먼저 내가 수정한 파일과 Common ancestor의 변경사항을 비교하여 공통부분을 찾는다.

    그 다음, Merge할 브랜치의 파일을 Common ancestor와 비교하여 공통부분을 찾는다.

    Git은 이 방식으로 LCS를 찾아낸 뒤 비교해본다.

    "What has changed between the common ancestor and this new file?"

    그 다음,

    "Now, of those changes in each pair of files, are there any sets of lines that have changed differently between each pair?"

    만약 존재한다면 Merge Conflict가 발생한다.


    A better way to view merge conflicts

    git config merge.conflictstyle diff3
    # default value is merge. git config merge.conflictstyle merge

    diff3 옵션을 선택하면 conflict가 발생했을 때 ours, theirs 뿐만 아니라 common ancestor의 상태도 보여준다.


    git status -sb
    ## zIntegration...origin/zIntegration
    A  css/main.css
    UU index.html

    A와 UU는 무슨 의미일까?


    You have one file added (A) on your local branch; this is css/main.css that Yasmin must have added in her work. But it’s not in conflict with your work.

    On the other hand, you have not one, but two revisions of a file that are unmerged (U) in your branch. This is the original index.html from the zIntegration branch, and the index.html from your yUI branch.

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